Sinus Headaches

Intense Pressure in Sinus Membranes

A sinus headache, while usually a symptom of sinusitis, doesn’t always mean you are suffering from a respiratory illness. Sinus headaches are experienced when the membranes lining the sinuses are swollen, right next to the nasal passages. This happens when air, dust, mucus, and pus are trapped within the sinuses.

Fortunately, there are some at home remedies to prevent sinus headaches or relieve the symptoms:
– Breathe moist air
– Use hot and cold compresses in the affected area
– Perform nasal irrigation (e.g. Neti Pot)
– OTC pain relievers to relieve the headache pain
– Decongestants
– The use of herbs such as magnolia flower, angelica, chrysanthemum, and mint

If symptoms persist contact us at Miya & Torchinsky ENT and let us help you relieve your sinus headaches.

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