Ear Tubes

Treatment for Ear Infections & Hearing Loss

Dr. Miya and Dr. Torchinsky will recommend ear tubes for patients who constantly suffer middle ear infections or hearing loss because of the constant presence of middle ear fluid. While this is most common amongst children, teen and adults can suffer the same problems which can lead to improper speech, balance problems, hearing loss, or an altered structure of the ear drum.

Ear Tubes

Tiny cylinders called ear tubes are placed through the ear drum creating a passage for air to the middle ear. They are made out of plastic, metal or Teflon and most likely will have a coating to reduce the risk of infection. Our physicians will either recommend a short-term tube or a long term tube. Short-term tubes are smaller and remain in place for six to twelve months before falling out on their own. Long-term tubes are larger and are secured in place for a long period of time. They will not fall out and require removal by an otolaryngologist.


It requires an outpatient surgical procedure to insert the ear tubes. This procedure is called a myringotomy, which refers to an incision made in the tympanic membrane (ear drum). Our physicians at Miya & Torchinsky ENT will either use a surgical microscope with a tiny scalpel or a laser. If a hole was made in the ear drum and left without a tube, the hole would close up and heal in a few days.

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about Ear Tubes. They may be the answer to helping you hear better and stop recurrent ear infections. As with any procedure there are risks, Dr. Miya and Dr. Torchinsky will go over everything in detail with you during your consultation.

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