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Salivary Gland Disease

Limited Saliva Production

Salivary glands are found in your mouth and throat, and they are responsible for the secretion of saliva. Saliva is important for digestion, keeping the mouth moist, and protecting your teeth from decay. Obstruction of the flow of saliva, infection of a gland, a tumor (benign or malignant), or salivary gland enlargement can all be causes of salivary gland disease.

To determine if you are suffering from salivary gland disease, our physicians will inspect the state of your glands thoroughly. If an obstruction is suspected dental x-rays will be taken to view the mass. In some cases, a CT scan, MRI or even a biopsy will be necessary to determine the state of the mass obstructing the salivary glands.

Depending on the nature of the problem, a medical or surgical approach will be taken to relieve the glands. At Miya and Torchinsky ENT we will do a full examination to determine the root of the salivary gland disease, and from there determine what measures need to be taken to address the issue.