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Nose Bleeds

Breakage of Blood Vessels or Arterioles

Nose bleeds are caused when blood vessels or arterioles in the nose break. This will happen to one in seven Americans in their lifetime. Depending on where the bleeding is coming from, the front or back of the nose, determines the severity of the nose bleed.

Anterior Bleeds

Anterior nose bleeds, or bleeds coming from the front of the nose are more common than posterior bleeds, bleeds coming from the back of the nose. Anterior bleeds occur when the air is dry, typically in dry climates or in the winter months. The nasal membranes become dehydrated making them susceptible to bleeding, crusting, and cracking. Anterior bleeds can be prevented by coating the nasal membranes with petroleum jelly or some form of healing ointment.

Posterior Bleeds

Posterior nose bleeds are rarer, more severe, and usually require the attention of a physician. This type of bleed is more common in older adults, people with high blood pressure, or a severe injury of the face or nose. If you are suffering from posterior nose bleeds, bleeding that is flowing backwards through the nasal cavities into the mouth and throat, it is important to seek medical help as this may be caused by tumors, certain medications, allergies, or a hereditary condition.

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