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Noise & Hearing Protection

Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects one in ten Americans. While the leading cause of hearing loss is age, sometimes it is due to damage to the inner ear. Excessive loud noises such as music, can damage the nerve endings in the inner ear that interprets sound. When your ears are ringing, that is indication that damage is being done to your ears. Constant ringing is referred to as tinnitus.

Ear Protection

If you are constantly surround by loud noise, wearing hearing protectors is a good idea. Ear protection comes in two forms, earplugs and earmuffs. Earplugs will fit into the outer ear canal. To work properly they must seal the entire ear canal. Earplugs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can even be custom made for your ear. Earmuffs fit over the entire ear and form an air seal. They will not work if you are wearing glasses or a headband because the air seal cannot be made.

To determine if you have hearing loss, a hearing test may be needed if the effects are not obvious to you, such as ringing in the ears or hearing only mumbles when people speak to you.

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