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Mouth Sores

Lesions in and around the Mouth

Fever blisters (cold sores) and canker sores, are lesions in and around the mouth that make it painful to talk and eat.

Fever Blisters

Fever blisters are filled with fluid and are typically found on the lips, and sometimes on the gums and roof of the mouth. The blisters usually appear as a lesion, turning into a blister that ruptures and scabs over. They last around seven to ten days.

They are the result of the herpes simplex virus becoming active as a result of stress, trauma, fever, hormones and sunlight. They typically form in the same location every time they reappear.

They are extremely contagious from the rupture of the blister until they are healed. Treatment is the use of antiviral ointment to fight the virus and act as a protective barrier.

Canker Sores

Canker sores are not blisters, they are small white or red ulcers on the tongue or inside the lips and cheeks. These typically last between five and ten days.

Evidence suggests the cause of a canker sore is a local immune response from stress, irritation or trauma. Acidic foods are a common trigger in patients. Since they are not bacterial or viral, they are not contagious.

Treatment usually involves a corticosteroid cream that relieves irritation.

Contact Miya and Torchinsky ENT if sores persist. We will do a thorough examination and be sure that oral cancer isn’t present in the mouth; although, a sign of oral cancer is a sore that does not heal.