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Ear Wax

Blockage of the Inner Ear Canal

Ear wax, which is totally healthy in normal amounts, is made in the outer part of the ear canal to act as a repellent of water. If you have been cleaning your ears too much, this may result in dry, itchy ears. Cleaning methods do not consist of a cotton swab being plunged into the ear canal, this can push wax farther back causes blockages. Just wash the external ear with a cloth to clean wax build-up.

Blockages occur in the inner ear canal and can affect your hearing. Other symptoms are earaches, sensation the ear is plugged, and tinnitus. If these symptoms become long lasting and intense, contact Miya and Torchinsky ENT immediately. Our physicians will examine the ear and take the necessary steps to treat the blockage by either prescribing mediations or vacuuming out the wax.